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You can find information about the SICAM product range on the SIEMENS homepage:

Product descriptions for the entire system range are available in English on the Siemens website. Here is a summary of the descriptions.

SICAM 230 was originally developed by COPA-DATA on behalf of SAT Automation. The SICAM 1703 and Toolbox II product ranges were originally proprietary developments of SAT Automation, subsequently known as VATECH SAT. When VATECH was taken over by SIEMENS in June 2006, SIEMENS also took over VATECH SAT and integrated the SAT 1703, Toolbox II and 230 product ranges into the SIEMENS product range using the name SICAM.
SICAM 1703 Station Control, Telecontrol and Automation System
SICAM 1703 is an innovative product range of modular and scalable (sub)station control and telecontrol devices, which covers the entire range of equipment - from compact solutions in the medium-voltage range to large ultra-high-voltage systems - meaning it can be integrated flexibly into the relevant system environment. The 1703 product range includes the integrated BC1703ACP field control device, AK1703ACP automation component, TM1703ACP automation unit, the TM1703(e)mic small telecontrol system and the PTS1703 protocol test system.

Using redundancy concepts that can be designed in a variety of ways, the SICAM 1703 product range can be adjusted to specific availability requirements at any system level; as well as the standardized IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 and IEC 61850 protocols, a multitude of proprietary third-party protocols are also available for communication interfaces. In addition, the range of functions of the SICAM 1703 product line includes remote control and remote parameterization, self-diagnosis and remote diagnosis and hardware-supported and/or software-supported local automation functions in accordance with IEC 61131-3..
SICAM TOOLBOX II Engineering Tool
The TOOLBOX II provides all necessary engineering functions for the entire SICAM 1703 product line, projection interfaces for the SICAM PAS, Spectrum and Power CC product ranges as well as for other control systems by third-party manufacturers and is used for the entire engineering process of networks and plant equipment. The implementation of IEC 61850 makes it possible to summarize and integrate source data on project levels from automation systems and devices of third-party manufacturers.

The engineering tool reduces the need for training, supports the user from data acquisition and data modeling to the loading of parameters with consistency checks, system and parameter tests and error diagnosis; using remote parameterization, non-local stations can also be maintained using existing communication connections.

Plant parts and/or complete systems can be declared, dealt with, modeled, modified and copied as objects in OPM II. This object-oriented generation permits the inheritance of properties and changes, making central data management considerably easier.

The CAEx plus tool can be used to realize open and closed loop control functions using all types of variables and parameters. The entire bandwidth of the text-based and graphic-based programming languages specified in the IEC 61131-3 is available as individual functions and functional blocks.
SICAM 230 Control Centre and Station Control System
As a flexible and modular system solution, SICAM 230 offers a cost-effective, transparent and open interface between the operator and process, especially for utility and industrial companies. Its wide range of seamlessly scalable system solutions – on both an operator workplace level and on a single or multiple redundant control centre system level – is ideally suited to monitoring and controlling networks and plants with any required level of detail and any specified functionality.

The distributed, multi-hierarchical system concept permits functions to be distributed flexibly over various sectors, levels and/or zones with variably categorized operating rights. Monitoring and control occur exactly where they are needed, but still as close to the process as possible. At the same time, the control centre is relieved of less urgent tasks.

The modern, innovative user interface with multi-screening and multi-window technology as well as freely designable image hierarchies make it possible to flexibly adapt the process display to the requirements of the plant user, while user-friendly filter functions make it possible for the operator to selectively access online values and archived data records at any time in the form of permanently updated lists, protocols and reports.

The control system communicates with the process via communication servers, which are available for both SICAM 1703 and third-party systems and which can be operated in a multi-parallel manner. Integrated multimedia applications, such as audio outlet, video window and HTML browser, can be activated by condition, value and status changes and are used for a series of industry-specific expansions and project-specific functions - in combination with the open system interfaces.

SICAM PAS Station Control and Automation System
SICAM PAS (Power Automation System) meets all the current and foreseeable demands on modern, functionally distributed substation control technology. SICAM PAS controls and monitors all substation components and archives the entire process as part of available data transfer protocols. As well as a multitude of other standardized communication protocols, the new IEC 61850 standard for communication with field devices is also supported. SICAM PAS is an open system from a functional point of view, which offers a user interface for the integration of system-specific and plant-specific tasks and versatile automation functions – in addition to standardized data exchange processes. The SICAM PAS product range comprises the PAS station unit, PAS basic software, PAS CC process visualization and Diamond, ValPro and RecPro software add-ons.

SICAM PAS is based on SIMATIC WinCC, the global standard for industrial automation, making it modular and scalable in terms of both hardware and software. SICAM PAS is built on standardized hardware components, communication connections and protocols and covers a wide rage of applications with its functions. It goes without saying that SICAM PAS also supports distributed system configurations, meaning that SICAM PAS runs simultaneously on several hardware components. SICAM PAS is compatible with most Microsoft Windows operating systems. Its user-friendly user interface enables problem-free use, comfortable configuration and easy operation. Commissioning and maintenance procedures are optimally supported by contemporary diagnostic tools. Thanks to a clear and open system structure, complete documentation and extensive tests, SICAM PAS is an extremely reliable product.

Automation tasks are realized using CFC (Continuous Function Chart) on the basis of IEC 61131. Programs are created graphically by linking functional blocks. SICAM PAS provides an extensive library of functions with a multitude of extensively tested CFC components, which were specifically developed for the automation of processes and energy supply. Consequently, SICAM PAS can be integrated without problems into existing systems and plants as well as being used to integrate heterogeneous system environments. Due to its function as a communication gateway, only one data connection is ever required to the superordinate control system level. 
SICAM PAS CC Process Visualization
SICAM PAS CC is based on SIMATIC WinCC, the global standard for industrial automation and process visualization and aids process visualization, whereby several independent SICAM PAS CC servers can be coupled to one SICAM PAS system configuration and redundant server configurations are possible as well. In addition, SICAM PAS CC supports configurations with several subordinate SICAM PAS systems.

Industry-standard X-controls are used to control and monitor plant equipment. These support four different forms of presentation (IEC, DIN, SINAUT LSA, SICAM) of equipment. The project-specific generation of proprietary object depictions (bitmaps) and their link with process objects as well as unipolar network depictions with topological coloring can also be carried out.

SICAM Diamond is used for the monitoring and control of stations or systems via the internet.

SICAM ValPro is used to evaluate archived measurements and counter values. Archives can be shown graphically and in table format, and their minimums, maximums and average values can be determined on an hourly or daily basis.

SICAM RecPro supports the automatic retrieval and archiving of fault recordings from protection units using IEC 60870-5-103, PROFIBUS FMS and IEC 61850.
SIEMENS SIPROTEC Protective and Control Equipment
SIPROTEC is an innovative product range of digital protection and control equipment with ergonomic user interfaces, flexible functions and communication interfaces for remote control and parameterization. The equipment design is based on digital measuring technology and digital signal processing, which guarantee a high level of measuring accuracy and reliable recording of harmonic components and transients, as well as long-term data management. Digital filters and dynamic stabilization of the measurements guarantee a high level of security in the reaction to failure events by protective measures. Self-diagnosis routines recognize equipment errors and display them. Non-activations and faulty activations due to network faults are largely excluded.
ANDRITZ 250 SCALA  System and Station System
You can find information about ANDRITZ 250 SCALA on the Andritz homepage:

The product description on the homepage is only available in English. However, a German product description cam be downloaded here:

250 SCALA is originally a proprietary development of SAT Automation, subsequently known as VATECH SAT. With the breakup and takeover of the VATECH Hydro department by ANDRITZ as part of the takeover of the rest of VATECH by SIEMENS in June 2006, the ANDRITZ Hydro business sector developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers for the erection and equipment of hydropower plants. In January 2009, the VATECH Hydro business sector was renamed ANDRITZ Hydro and the SAT250 product was renamed 250 SCALA.

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