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SAIP Automation was founded in 2005 and is now a successful, independent provider of engineering services for network control and automation systems to monitor and control geographically distributed technical processes. Our range of services covers production, transport (storage) and distribution (disposal) in the sectors of electricity, heat, natural gas and drinking water provision (waste disposal) as well as energy provision projects in the public transport and industrial sectors.

SAIP Automation has specialized in design and execution of projects relating to network control and monitoring systems, substation and plant control systems, communication networks, data transmission systems as well as telecontrol and PLC systems including all required measurement, control and secondary facilities. Our engineering team guarantees that the system solution satisfies all your specified requirements and contains all essential elements to ensure you receive a fully operational overall system.

SAIP Automation
usually offers engineering services as a subcontractor for large, global technology companies which allows to participate in large-scale, complex and internationally financed turnkey projects, while guaranteeing permanent access to specific system knowledge with regards state-of-the-art conceptual system designs.

SAIP Automation
aims to meet your requirements, anywhere in the world, with commitment, competently, reliably and extremely cost-effectively. Our highly skilled, ultra-motivated, multilingual engineering team which is under German management will exceed all your expectations. Benefit from our broad, comprehensive and long-term experience in international projects!

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